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Apparently she is the one that got him to do this poly thingy. I was just gonna go find some other guy to keep me happy in the bedroom department but not allowed to have F-buddies. Gotta love the dude first....well I explained to him I have no other love to give as my heart has been trampled, squashed and blended up too many times.

And yes he is the Master (Boss) me I just do what I am told. But at this point I think its just not fair that he is allowed to make love to others as he loves them but Im not allowed to have just plain old sex with NO CONNECTIONS, just satisfaction as I am not getting enough. Once a week just dont cut it for me. LOL!! Too much info...onto something else...

For the 3 hours that we had ALONE time, even though we were in the same buildings for 14 hours, this was an hour before work and two hours between work...which is my time with him....his cell phone kept going off constantly....I hated it. I wanted to throw the dang thing away....when I asked if it was wifey and how everything was at home and stuff he didnt say anything, so I assumed it was his other girl...He kept quiet like he was hiding. So that pissed me off more. So I told him that I hated his cell phone going off all the time when we are together, this is MY time...the answer I got was....."ah okay, sorry"
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