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Originally Posted by UntamedHottie View Post
Looked for that Poly lessons learned and couldnt find it...well I ran outta time LOL.

sighs....Im just gonna let it all slide and see how I feel....last night pissed me off though. Someone kept messaging the dam cell phone and he wouldnt tell me who it was. So Im assuming its his other girl. We were having a cat nap between our jobs we had booked. So no sleep for me.

Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR and I am gonna make some changes for myself...not sure what as I was informed Im not allowed to see others unless I love them...tried to tell him only as a friend but not as a lover....he says NOPE you cant see them then. Oh well gotta figure out something LOL!!!!!!!!!
"poly lessons we have learned" thread

Bullshit on the telling you what to do. He can request that you don't and offer you some reasons why he would struggle. Talk about his feelings and concerns, but to "tell" you what you will and will not do is just bullshit. Unless he is your Dom or master in a BDSM way, which I suspect he isn't. If he wants to be, then that is for you to decide and negotiate. It doesn't sound like negotiating is his way of doing things. I wonder what his wife has been forced to put up with... well, she wouldn't be forced as she has free will, but if he pulls that shit on you, then what is he pulling on others?

Sorry, I know this is a man you love, but with this new info he sounds like a control freak that likes to collect women. Blah might not be true, but it might help to tell him that is how he comes across. That is very unappealing and no way to get the respect and love that he needs.
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