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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You are trying to make a decision based on a look she gave you? And why keep saying that look was not only for you? She looked at you that way, who else was in the room? It was for you.
I love this. To me love is seen in the eyes of anyone who is feeling it. I look like that when I see a beautiful flower and stop to admire it. I look like that when I watch my son play, when the sunset is gorgeous. No one owns that look and feeling but me. I show love and actively love many people..but they don't own that. They do things and are such a way that evokes that in me.

Love to me is infinite and ever expanding. I know it is hard to grasp for someone who has not experienced this before, I understand that, but see if you can't open your mind and think of her ability to love as an expanding thing, a chance of added abundance that is put out into the world rather than controlled and made scarce and for only you. There is nothing more incredible than experiencing a partner loving with all their might. It takes a total brain change to get there, but it is definitely worth it!

Take a look around this forum for threads that could help you understand. Do a tag search and look at the stickies... (scarcity, compersion, mono/poly, jealousy) this topic is not uncommon.... see what you come up with.
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