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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
it's obvious that you consider marriage and polyamory to be fundamentally incompatible with one another, and are inviting those of us who are married and consider ourselves "polyamorous" to defend our lifestyle choices.

As I said before, I will not be baited.
LOL you are funny saying that you will "not be baited." (If I were fishing I would definitely think that I was getting a nibble since you have responded twice. )

But by all means, don't "defend" your lifestyle. Tell me why and how it works. (That is, if it is successful.)

I was attempting to initiate conversation on the subject. I am willing to change my opinions and/or misconceptions via the process of intelligent discussion. I am not attacking your or anyone's lifestyle. Yes, you know where I am coming from, but perhaps I am wrong.

Does anyone have any statistics? I know that marriage itself is not doing well in that area.

If there is anyone on this forum who has had (and still has) a successful and happy polyamory longterm relationship that involves a married couple and a single "extra partner" I would like to hear about it.
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