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Default Very Interesting

wow, I find all these varying situations and choices to be extremely interesting and thought provoking here. I have a lover now and we use condoms, but that is because we have not been tested and there is no way in hell I am going to either catch something or get pregnant. I know he is not with someone else besides me but he has been with someone who has cheated on him. Even though he is younger than me, early 20s, he never used condoms but a couple of times before and this has been a learning curve. But, because he cares so much about me and we integrate the condom as part of the process he doesn't care. I have however thought in the future if we were both tested and clean I would consider birth control and go bareback with him, though I think him only. I have gone without condoms with my ex in the past, but did not find it to be some mindblowing experience that so many here seem to think it is. I just find the intimacy of being with someone and touching and the sweat and all is amazing enough. This makes me curious.....
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