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Default Obviously ... here's my sign

I am a big UFC fan and enjoy going out to watch most of the main fights. I helped reintroduce P to watching UFC once we started seeing each other and, he says, he really enjoys coming out to watch with me.

Well, he and his wife went to an adult party on NYE. Mind you, he hadn't volunteered the information, just in conversation, and seemed to not want to share the information with me being that he did not respond to my inquiry about their plans for NYE via email and still did not bring it up during my visit, though, he brought up another aspect of the email. Only when I asked him then, in person, did he state they were going to one of the parties. was never mentioned and I was never invited. Okay...

I wasn't bothered by that since I knew that I would get his time New Year's Day eve. Well, throughout our conversations about the event, P always mentioned that he and a male friend of his would be coming. Even up to the email last night, he stated that he and his guy friend would be coming. Well, in our final correspondence this evening, he tells me that he, his guy friend, and his wife are coming. ...

Yes, I'm a bit upset about that. Why? I wasn't invited to accompany them to the party last night where they brought in the new year together yet he doesn't stop to think that just Maybe this should be my 'bringing in the new year' quality time with him? He doesn't think to be considerate enough to ask if I mind if she comes since I know she's not into it anyway? I mean, they didn't even have to come meet up with me- I have my UFC activity partner- they could have went to where she suggested they go versus coming where I had decided to watch the fight.

I mean, this entire relationship, I have made it a point to exercise consideration in general but, particularly, in allowing them their qualty and/or solo time but not once do I feel the same respect has been extended to me. Nor do I belileve that my feelings or viewpoints matter.
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