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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
you are either projecting your own insecurities and reactions to bad experiences you've had onto others whose choices threaten your prejudices, OR you are trying to "stir the pot" and see what sort of controversial reactions your rhetoric will generate.

I will not be baited.
No, --I was just reading (on this forum) a thread expressing problems with this exact same situation I just mentioned. (So you can't tell me the problem does not exist.)

I have no prejudices against polyamory itself. (Which I view as exercising the freedom (and ability) to truly (and unselfishly) love more than one person.

I also have no insecurities or prejudices against sexual activity with multiple partners. That's a person's free choice.

What I would actually like is a good definition of polyamory that everyone can agree on.

Like I have said, I am new to the term polyamory. If my thoughts challenge you (or push your buttons) I'm sorry. They are not intended to do so.

It is difficult to be honest and tactful at the same time. I am honest about how I feel and what I think. Deal with it any way you can. I am not trying to bait anyone.
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