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Originally Posted by Olderwoman View Post
Granted, marriage can be a convenience and more sociably acceptable.

But how many people pretend to be sociably acceptably married, and lie to the public, ~~while they live an opposite (sociably unacceptable) lifestyle and at the same time attempt to practice honesty with their spouse(s) and their polyamory friends?

Practicing honesty is a challenge. I think we are programed to "play the game" (with society) and it becomes a habit. I don't know if I could lead a double life (pretending to be in a sociably acceptable monogamous marriage) to some, while being honest and open to selected others. I would think developing trusting relationships might be tricky.
you are either projecting your own insecurities and reactions to bad experiences you've had onto others whose choices threaten your prejudices, OR you are trying to "stir the pot" and see what sort of controversial reactions your rhetoric will generate.

I will not be baited.
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