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It is true.....We are SUPPOSED to meet with V tonight to watch UFC fights. No idea if she will show or not. If not, oh well. I'm gonna watch the fights. If so...Oh well, I'm gonna watch the fights. I have a big fight coming up in April anyway, and this is just what I needed to get me fueled and testosterone crazed. I feel like I could knock this guy out right now! Another 3 months, and I'll be amped, stacked, and ready to kill!

I have had walls in place for a long time. No sooner than I let them down, I get this crap. Meah. The world will not end....even if our relationship with V does. And at this point, I've killed my own emotions as far as she's concerned. Yes, I miss her....but I'm going to keep my distance for a while. Let her play the cat for a while. If she's interested still, she'll play the part....if not...she won't.
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