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>>>If a "marriage" is really "open" then what is the purpose of the marriage other than financial benefits? Marriage for a woman is not all that beneficial unless she marries a man who has more wealth than her.<<<<

Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I don't happen to agree. However, I don't necessarily think it is necessary to involve the state in a marriage.
If you get married LEGALLY you have involved THE STATE. ("THE STATE" in all caps represents THE GOVERNMENT in general.

You can't get legally married without involving THE STATE. (You can have a commitment ceremony but it will not be bound by the particular laws of the state you are living in.

Of course legally, depending on the state you live in, marriage by common law will have its own set of laws if one party files for common law divorce.

In Colorado, you only have to prove that you set up housekeeping with a person to use the common law legal system.
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