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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
Not here its not - you can choose to marry a man or a woman.

The whole theory of dissolving an existing marriage to 'make things equal' makes a lot of assumptions about poly, the couple in question and how things 'should' be. Smacks a lot of the ONE TWUE WAY and I think you'll find that there is no one TWUE way of practicing poly, or anything else.

My husband and I will never divorce simply to 'make things equal' - it would be unfair to him, to our children and to our selves. The fact that we choose to NOT remain monogamous has nothing to do with why we married in the first place.

Someone else has it noted on their signature - there are as many ways to practice polyamory as there is people practicing it.
Why does it smack as a "one true" way to poly? It may not be something that you would choose to do. I don't think it does that at all.

Whether I think the OP was worded in all the right ways or not. I think the assumption that a marriage has to "survive" being poly inact doesn't allow for all the possibilities of growth in the relationship dynamic beyond the coupling.

Your last statement seems to be arguing against itself. Dissolving a marriage to reform a broader union could be one way to approach poly - acknowledging the way that grouping has evolved.

Indeed, only one way, not the only way.
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