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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I have no issue with choosing not to legally marry to begin with, but I do have issues with divorcing just to "even things up", then again, I don't believe that marriage should be limited to "one man, one woman".
I believe it makes sense to be able to adapt your relationship contract to reflect the realities in the relationship. If a triad or whatever (beyond a pair) should develop the same level of commitment, sharing of life decisions, etc. that is typical of marriage, I think it makes perfect sense for them to find a way to find the approrpriate arrangement.

Dissovling a marriage and reforming a new union could be a wonderful way to acknowledge an important transition in the relationship(s).

There are advantages to marriage that can't be replicated outside this government sanctioned contract. So, it may not make sense economically to do.

That said, it might make a lot of "emotional" sense.
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