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Originally Posted by Olderwoman View Post
If a "marriage" is really "open" then what is the purpose of the marriage other than financial benefits? Marriage for a woman is not all that beneficial unless she marries a man who has more wealth than her.
I don't happen to agree. However, I don't necessarily think it is necessary to involve the state in a marriage.

Instead of a marriage, get a divorce and form a corporation of three. After all, marriage is just a contract with the state.

If a couple is serious about adding a third partner, man or woman, they should divorce and form a corporation. Just an idea. A corporation can serve as a group marriage.
I don't think this really applies to the OP current issue. This might be an option if a V or Triad is well established and the group wants to make a legal bonding.

@Andy, I do think age has alot to do with some of the issues you are running into. Most (not all) 20 something single females are still under the impression that marriage is the ultimate, be all, end all statement of love. Isn't that what the mono culture, the movies and romance books tell us? The only suggestion I have, is to actually open this same discussion up with those having the issue, they may be able to give you a clearer answer. I can only assume that when they see married it means there is no hope for them to "win".
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