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I agree with Neon.

I failed to note that the woman yesterday has a BF she says she loves and doesn't want anything more then a casual secondary. Same thing I want.

I would probably avoid a single, never married woman my age unless she really seemed like she could enjoy my companionship and still keep an eye peeled for Mr. Right, and if he came along drop things to a platonic friendship with me. This seems appealing to me, to have someone that loves you to fall back on, yet have the freedom to look for someone that can offer everything. Sadly, I don't think most people can function like that. :/

I don't agree with Olderwoman, except maybe in the case of a triad. I am just looking for something fun and with new energy and dynamics. I don't intend to try and be someones everything, so i don't really want a marriage of three, so to speak. My wife is the one I have chosen to to spend my life with, build a home with, and have children with if we decide to have them at some point. To me thats much different then adding someone to my life simply because I enjoy their company and just want to live in the moment a bit and let things sort of run thier course without a bunch of rules and stigma.

I know everyones idea of poly is different, but I think maybe some here can see where I am coming from.. I hope...?

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