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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
i think that most women are in the "monogamous" or "primary" mindset and THEY want to be the wife. A lot women of that age are starting to think about finding someone to marry and buy a house and have kids with, so of course getting involved with a married man who has no intention of leaving his wife would be a big turn-off, I would have to imagine. You have to accept that your dating pool is going to be DRASTICALLY diminished than if you were single looking for a monogamous relationship with the possibility of marriage.
Thanks Neon for your honesty & openness.
If I had said exactly the same thing I would have been flailed until dead

So the question becomes - how do you ladies that see the other viable options get the word out ?
Maybe by having some conversations with trusted GFs, by forwarding some of the informative media stuff thats appearing more & more ?

It may well be impossible to overcome society's stereotypes and mis-information campaign but unless someone with credibility to the target population at least TRIES, you can be sure it will remain the same.

Thanks again,

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