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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Yeah, I know our pattern of the same thing...and try as I would, it made no difference. I still exploded while V was over. L and V had words also. Not exactly a happy time to say the least.
But we talked and said our side of things and made up. We in fact hugged good bye longer and harder and both said sorry again.

Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
I keep trying to remember that ALL relationships have their arguments, and pitfalls. I'm TRYING to remember that it's not all going to be sunshine and roses. However, Just as L and I are stuck in our ways....So is V.
Remember that she is going to see us both upset as we will see her upset. We have to be ourselves around her, if not we are not being fair to her. I understand you are on NRE and want to impress her, but it will go away and she will see us for us. As for the argument it was not that big of a deal and she will either get over it or move on. This is how all relationships work. We have been married for 20 yrs and have worked through more arguments then I care to count. Lets give this relationship the chance to work out the bugs.

I love you!
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