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Smile Greetings!

Once, many years ago, I fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of a world where people really did form loving polyamory relationships. I guess I visited that world. They dressed in togas and lived in Roman-looking buildings. The weather was perfect all the time.

I was met by my lover who looked like a God or Michelangelo's statue of David. He had blond hair. There was some sort of celebration going on to honor me for some reason. (I was a dark haired beauty.) There was a long table loaded with food, mostly fruits and veggies. There were large pillows everywhere, or were they bean bag chairs?

Anyway, my love brought me a gift. It was a beautiful dark haired man. I had never really met him, but it was love at first site! We didn't just have sex. We made love. It was real love. It seemed that everyone had a great deal of love for each other in that place. Some had very special long term relationships.

When I woke up I found myself in a very different kind of world. Too bad. I liked that one a lot. It seemed so real. Maybe it exists somewhere...

I'm not in any relationship but I know what real polyamory is ~ even though I have only experienced it in a dream.

About me:
I have found that being single does not stifle my spirit like marriage does. I was married twice and both times it smothered my inner joy and peace.

I seek the fountain of middle age. LOL I seek friends of like mind.

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