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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Whatever. I'm giving it a long time....Thats all I know. and my walls....which were donw....Just went right back up again. Protective mechanism I guess. I can't help it. I just can't handle getting hurt like I was before. So I won't allow myself to become that close again. And that sucks.
Backing up and taking things slower can be a good thing. Walls that come down too fast can be in danger of crumbling, where as if they come down bit by bit, there is time to reinforce and stabalize everything first so the entire structure doesn't come down with it.

TL you are not the only one that goes through these wild emotional highs and lows. I used to think I was damaged, I don't know anyone that could relate to how devastating a fight with someone I loved could be and how it just sends me off the deep end of despair. Don't do anything while in this mindset and don't do anything while your sick.

Moves suck on the best of days! We have not had a move where my husband and I did not get into a MAJOR fight (we have also been married 19 years). This last one, I knew our pattern and I really tried to avoid it, but nope, major blow up. At least this last one we waited until our friends and family went home first.
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