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Time to take a break....We moved to a new house today. Just me and L and our kids. V came over and helped to unload after she got off work. However, she must have had a bad day at work.....tempers flared between all of us. That sucks.

I hate allowing myself to start developing feelings, and then having a disagreement almost immediatly after.

Tonight, I'm pretty sad and upset. I'm just depressed again I think....but then again....maybe not. Maybe now, I'm thinking rationally. ??? Sigh.......I told V, tonight, that L and I were going to give her some space and stop bugging her so much. She said that she didn't think that we were smothering her, but I think we are. I told L that I wasn't going to send any communications to V, until she sent something to us....and even responses would be short and to the point.

Seriously considering breaking up with her. :/

I'm afraid of getting my feelings crushed again.......And I won't allow myself to be in that situation again. Sooo....yeah. I think I'm just gonna go back to being mono. I hate the new year so far........And it's only a few minutes old. This sucks.

The worst part? I started drinking out of frustration and anger tonight. This makes me almost want to cry. I havent done that in like 18 years or so.
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