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As someone with over 10 years of experience in polyamory, I'd also like to warn against moving your wife's lover (she calls her her "wife" already???) this soon. We've heard plenty of stories here of poly partners moving in too soon, and it going sour within a few months. The metamours both feel NRE, but that fades, and personalities can begin to clash. It was just 2 weeks ago you were shattered and now you're over the moon! Meanwhile your wife is struggling with jealousy towards your dating, and you don't even have an OSO yet! Please don't complicate things just yet with having a live-in lover. Be cautious and responsible. NRE makes us see things thru rose colored glasses, but those rosy colors can and do fade. We all idealize our new lovers and present our own best faces, but that illusion fades.

With luck, the real person behind the ideal persona is just as good or better. But it takes time to find out. Time and a few life challenges test their and your true mettle.
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