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well, as long as you are okay with what he wants and can live with it, then there is no harm. I would wonder if you want more though and that is totally okay. Asking for more might mean you lose him, but you can go slow with that and pace your questions. It's okay to ask them and then just say you are willing to wait for a response for a few days. This to me is what communication is about.

If a guy is not willing to answer or is frustrated and blows me off for asking questions when I am not comfortable then they are not worth it I think. Personally I am not interested in men that don't respect communication, my emotions and concerns for my own life. I give them the respect they ask for so I expect the same in return... its give and take.

To me its self respect to make sure I am okay with my world. Poly is what we make it and is our own relationship with ourselves as much as it is with other people. If someone doesn't fit my description of a responsible ethical poly relationship then I don't date them. Maybe deciding what you think an ethically responsible relationship is would help so that you have a foundation of your own to start from. Doing some reading here might help with that. Try doing a tag search for boundaries, rules, foundations... look at the stickies and see if you can find something that would help... the thread on "poly lessons learned" for instance.
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