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Default Trying Againn and other feelings

Hey's been awhile! First of all...I want to thank you ALL for your advice and input! It all really helped and we decided to slow things down. Actually a couple of days after my post, she decided to move back with her ex husband out of town. It hurt because she left without even a goodbye. Our First Experience...but we learned.

We have actually been seeing a new girl for about 3 weeks now. My husband met her at work and it was really a complete accidental meeting. We both enjoy time with her. We are definitely taking things slow this time. I honestly do struggle a little with some jealousy because they do work together...although in different departments. I feel like she is making an honest effort to get to know me. How do i get over this feeling?

Also..she has said that she wants to pursue a relationship with us and that she wants to tell her mother when she comes into town next month. However, I feel bad now that we had a conversation last night. She said the only thing that bothers her is that she knows she will never have a wedding and that all girls dream of a wedding. She said she is happy with us and wouldn't trade it for anything. Is this a normal want for everyone?

Sorry if this is all over the place, I'm at work and just saying what all has come to my mind today.
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