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Thanks Redpepper....I will ask him more questions but I think all my questions are starting to frustrate him. We did speak a little last night and he mostly treated it like nothing was wrong. I got frustrated and logged off as he was only replying every 10 or 15 mins. He is on his way into the city tonight as we both are working the New Years eve party. So it will be better to talk in person. His wife helped alot too, hell maybe I will start a relationship with her LOL!!! I would love to tell him I dont want him seeing others sexually, but cant do that. But I will ask what the boundaries are. I really dont want to know when he is seeing his other girl(s) I think that will put me over the edge. I have asked that he not add anymore but never really got a response out of it. So I know there is one other girl definately but I dont know how many others. Apparently this other girl is someone that we both work with. So how will he divide his time once this other person comes back? Like say, when we work I have been leaving with him and spending little amount of time with him before he drives home. Now that this other girl is coming back who will he choose? This is where I think I will be on the backburner cuz I was last to be added into his life and that is not cool with me. ~shrugs~
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