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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Good for you for getting your needs met! Some people say sex isn't a need the way water, food, and shelter is, but I think, for people with strong sex drives, it is. If we go without for too long, we can get frustrated, stressed-out, bitter and short tempered. I hope your marriage benefits from this new arrangement. Good luck with dating, it's a jungle out there.

I am one of those people you described, Magdlyn and its good to know I'm not alone. I'm one of those people where anything less than 3 days a week leaves me feeling like I'm just barely functioning. I'd have sex everyday if i could, but with opposite work schedules and a 9 year old its tough, the best I can hope for is five days a week between my two men. Wolf's drive shifts from sex to cuddles when he's stressed out, which has been alot lately (he works retail and has been in holiday hell) which means I've been stressed, frustrated, short tempered, and feeling less than human for a few weeks now. Wendigo coming over once a week has helped a little, but those nights we've barely had time for teasing or a quick kiss goodnight. Thankfully my husband finally gets that its a real need for me and has taken pity on me a couple times inspite of not being in the mood himself.
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