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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Where it changes with YOU,..redpepper, you come across as quite dismissive of other peoples relationships, if it isn`t your particular style.
2 things everyone knows from reading redpeppers threads. #1-hates casual sex. #2-has no respect for LDR`s.

Ok,...we got it.

I don`t know if thats just how you type, or my perception is off,..but its chronic, whichever it is. You mention that you don`t know how anyone could think you have a negative take on it. I can answer this. I think back to the frustrations I read in your posts when your husband was dating that woman who was moving away. That would be when I first noticed a dismissive air to the posts. Most others all begin with you speaking of your negative experience.

This post of yours, that I am quoting today, is the first time I have read in you, the ability to seperate your personal style, from what works for others. I quite liked this post of yours actually, I am glad you edited it. This sounds really fair to me.
Thanks for this input sourgirl. Unfortunately you have me wrong. I go through a process like anyone else. I just chose to be very open about it. I don't hate casual sex and don't hate LDR's. I hate them for me... if that is negative then so be it. I have a dismissive air when I am emotional and need help understanding so that I can accept. I have had negative experiences. I talk of them on here also by way of processing them. I am no different than others that write on here looking for answers.

The rest of your post was an interesting perspective. Communication is indeed number one. I guess I took that as a given in my relationships... the touch and smell part only happens when I am with someone and isn't a given. I can see how communication would sustain a relationship for a long time if it were long distant... that seems to work for people, and that is awesome. As I said, finding love in whatever way it comes to us is what its all about.
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