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Red face So in can we move foward?

I have recently reconnected with an old friend. She was my first female crush and we lost contact for a while. Well my fiance and I got talkin to her (im 25 f and he's 25 m) alot and we both kinda fell in love with her. Even though it was a little fast, after six months of talk, we decided we want to relocate and move closer to her (she's in tx-we're in ca). We have no real connectons holding us. During this whole decision, she was kinda dating around cuz she was recently single, about a two mos out of an abusive relationship. Well, I went to go and find a job...thinking this will give me a chance to hang out with her...get to know her mor personally and figure out if we were compatable. Well the week before going to the airport she tells me that she decided to get more serious with one of the guys she was seeing. I didn't want to interfere with her new relationship so i said nothing....i still love this girl and even if we couldnt be together the way i wanted she was still one of my best friends and i still wanted to be close to her, so my fiance and i went to tx. He stayed for a few days and the three of us hung out and for a month while my fiance was in cali I was in tx with her... Me and this girl spent alot of time together and I fell even more deeply even though she had a boyfriend...I just got jeolous...I hid it well. I really had no right to be anyway. I was there for a month and I decided to let these feelings go because she seemed so happy even though I had my reservations about her relationship. I went back home to my fiance and he felt the same about just being there for her and letting her be happy.
It's now 3 months later and she just called me telling me about her relationship truely breaks my fiances and my heart. All the feelings came back cuz they never really left. And all I want to do is tell her that we have fallen for her and see where it goes. I fear that if I wait for her to get over her last relationship we will lose our chance again. She has a habbit for rebounding into relationships...i don't want us to be a rebound. I just feel that we are good for her and we wouldn't be a typical rebound. But it could just be my hopeful thinking.
I know this is all a little thrown together...any advice would be helpful and feel free to ask questions so that u get a better picture of the situation.
Thank you
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