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I'm 21, Canadian, and at the moment transient between different parts of Ontario. The city where I grew up and my parents still live at one end of the province, the place I'm studying at the other end, with family, friends and acquaintances strung in between.

I'm a full-time student for the next four months at least, and after that I'm not really sure where I'll be going or what I'll be doing.

I have been thinking about the practicalities of a number of different forms of poly for a few years now, including some initially mono relationships opened up at my request, which resulted in resounding failure for all involved.

To make a long story (which I'll likely elaborate on in another thread) short, I'm now a tentative secondary to a dude who has a girlfriend. So far it's working (mostly) and I almost feel like I'm looking for things to be wrong because it seems like it's working.

I have a motorcycle license, but no motorcycle, a driver's license, but no car, and possibly the worst case of the travel bug I've ever heard of.

I plan to die of exhaustion rather than boredom, and I love to talk about anything, everything, and whatever's in between, although philosophy and social theory are kinda my bag at the moment.

I'm (nearly) always up for a chat, and I'll likely be asking for directions on this little road trip of mine. After all, it would be boring if everything was already mapped out.
Can you get lost if you haven't decided where you're going?
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