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yeah I do admit the bf at the time totally admited that what he was doing was purly being selfish in the fact that he wanted to try and keep his relationship with her and also with me.

and I truly do in retro spec feel a little foolish for letting myself fall for him like I did. I can't believe that they are the ones telling me I am acting childish because I kept texting them today trying to talk to them about the situation and have a discussion about it.
but its obvious that the damage they have cause is done and there is very little to do but just try and push through the hurt and try to get on with my life...I just wish that when I really meet people that do truly care and love me as they do.....that they could try consider others around them.

but I am not really one to talk my issue is the exact opposite in that I think of everyone else that is involved in the relationships first rather then myself at all, until everything with everyone else has been resolved.

I am really un sure if this will be the last time I hear from them just cause they have a tenancy of saying one thing but then really ending up doing another.
but if I do end up hearing something back I will most certainly try to be cautious in how I go about with anything.
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