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Originally Posted by kala83 View Post
as much as I myself would like to think that things hold a chance of working I am starting to have my doubts, the girlfriend in the relationship has expressed that she does not want to try at this relationship anymore and as much as it pains me I must give the bf and the gf now ex's space and let them make their decisions.

they had issues within their relationship before I came into the picture and even though I served as a lovely distraction for them for a time, they thought they could repair their issues with me added to the picture but it seems that this not going all wrong.

its very hard cause I really did end up falling for both him and for her and I wish that I could have the happy feelings that I felt with the both of them just last me for my life time but I can't make people feel for me what I feel for them.

and maybe if I give them space I can have a second chance but I am not sure at this point. I need to try and re focus on myself and my life right now as hard as that might be for me to do.
Good idea to focus on yourself and your own happiness. That was pretty selfish of them to bring you into a relationship which already had problems.
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