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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
The LDR I was in is still one of the relationships I am in now. I am just stating that LDRs are incredibly difficult, at least for people like me that love affection. We didn't really have many issues besides the lack of missing each others touch and presence.

If an LDR is all someone can have at that point in time, it's certainly a lot better than nothing. I feel it's like this.

5) No relationship
4) daylight
3) LDR
2) daylight
1) physical relationship

Hence if you're at #1 and it returns to #3 you're regressing in my mind, but still, it's better than nothing.
I don't understand 4 and 2 for the life of me...

Sometimes people have to move to get the best from their life. Maybe they are offered a job which pays twice as much, but they have to move away to get it. You are unable to move with them, because you have your own secure job with no other job to move into where they are?

Long distance can be difficult, especially when you need that affection, yes. But, I feel if it's for something like that, it will make their life better and they will be happier. I don't feel like they are going backwards in the relationship. We'd just have less time to be with each other.
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