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I agree with SNeacail. I think you do love him. You're just trying to convonce yourself you don't. Even if you really don't and it is just a sexual thing, you cannot put a limit on love when it comes to your husband and anyone else he may be with. Yes, the word polyamory means "many loves". If you're not in it for the love, I don't personally believe it is polyamory. Because that would mean nothing to the meaning of the word. Poly, yes. You have more than one relationship... But if you don't love him, it isn't an amorous relationship is it?
If you do love him and are just trying to convince yourself you don't... Then why? What is wrong with it? Nothing. Love him, cherish him and make the most of what you have with him. At the same time, let your husband practise his polyamory the way he wants to too. I understand you need rules for safe sex and such, but a rule to stop love is not healthy and will most likely backfire.
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