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Default So NEW and need advice!

Hello....I am so new to this and have no idea how to use this site....

I met a guy who is polyamorous...I'm not. But the thing is, I knew he was married and I was ok with this. But after not quite a month of seeing each other and falling head over heels for this man, he tells me he loves me, I admit I cried. Love doesnt come easy for me, hard for me to say, but later that night I told him I love him...which is the truth. He then tells me after that, that he has another female he goes and sees.....that Im not so comfortable with that and I really don't know how many he is seeing. I can handle him being married but seeing others??? Can anyone give me advice how to handle this type of situation...I have never been in anything like this before....the only thing closest was seeing a married man for nearly 10 years but discrete.....any info would be great....I LOVE THIS MAN!!!
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