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That is rather odd, I hope you don't have to pay for that session.

One thing I like to do when trying to find a provider of any kind in my network, is to first look at the ones near me and Google a few of them. There are sites where docs and other shrinks get reviewed by patients. I read as much as I can about them, before calling. Psychology Today's website has an extensive listing of therapists with blurbs about how they work and what they focus on, and sometimes they are also in my insurance plan. When I call, I do a mini-interview - if not with the doc, then with the staff. For a therapist, for example, I might say, "I've never been in therapy before, what is your approach?" If they can't take the time to answer a few simple questions, I don't schedule with them. If I get some sense of warmth or welcome, and my questions answered to my satisfaction, I make an appointment.

If you see an MSW on your list of providers, they also make good therapists - doesn't have to be a doctor (although you need one if you require prescriptions). However, an MSW can recommend a doc who you would see solely for med management, if after therapy, you guys decide you need to see a doc for meds.

Good luck!
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