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Originally Posted by Lioness View Post
The problem I had with the title "Polyamory" was the "amory" portion of it. It's not that I don't care deeply for my boyfriend, (I wouldn't be where I am with him if I didn't) but I don't feel for him like I do my husband.
Not all love manifests itself the same way. Obviously you and your husband share something very special. To me when you say you don't love your boyfriend, it sounds like you are just using him for sex and there is nothing else there, which really doesn't sound like the case.

While happy with Hubby, I realize that it wouldn't work, and what I have here is an awesome friend who I am attracted to. I love him in the sense that I love, say, family.
It almosts sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that you don't love your b/f, even if it is on a different level than the love you feel for your husband.

But not like one would a spouse.
Not like one would love any spouse, or not like the love you feel for your spouse?

Using some of the popular term on this board, I would say you have healthy relationships with your husband as Primary and the b/f as a Secondary. You are looking for a Primary for the b/f and a Secondary for your husband (same women if your lucky).
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