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My husband and I are just starting out in the whole "Poly" thing. I have been told what we are doing is poly, but I'm not always 100% sure.

Here is how it works for us- we are married, and we are each others number one. I currently have a "boyfriend" I call him that because I have no other title for him. I am not IN LOVE with him. He is not in love with me. We have no misconceptions about our relationship. We are very good friends, and attracted to each other. Sex entered the relationship because the three of us are open-minded and enjoy sex.

I would like to (but I am not holding my breath) find a girlfriend for my boys. I don't want her to be in love with my Husband, that would get complicated. But she can be in love with Boyfriend- he is free for that sort of thing. The only commitment we ask of each other is full disclosure/warning because of STDs and all that.

I guess we are Mono in our romantic love, and Poly in our sexuality? The number one reason I am here is to figure this all out and talk to people like (or reasonably like) myself and husband. Secondary is meeting somebody for my boys.

I love/adore/admire easily in a non-romantic sense. I am severely loyal to and protective of both my boys. I am having a BLAST with the two of them, and would like them to experience some of my joy as well.

If I don't belong on this site then I apologize. Poly is just the name I was given to describe what we have.
I'm just making this up as I go...
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