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If a person is not interested in LDR's for themselves then why are they in someway against it? I hear this quite often... anyone have an idea why this is so?

I would most likely not engage in an LDR as it wouldn't be for me, for several reasons including my need for touch, smell, sex with my partner being there, constant life stuff with my partners happening around me on a day to day basis.... la la la... and so on. But I am thrilled that anyone finds and is able to love one another. How they do that is up to them and is worth supporting as far as I am concerned... Go for it. Is that negative though, that I wouldn't/couldn't myself? That I have a different take on it than those that have/can have LDR's? I'm not feeling negative towards it... it confuses me that anyone would think I am... is it because I have a different description of how I do relationships and like to express that so that others know its okay to not want an LDR or even not go into a relationship that might become one?

I find it interesting and confusing that if someone has a different opinion that if they express it that they are in someway against others opinions and ideas of how they want to lead their lives. Perhaps that is a bit off topic, but I seem to be doing that lately. Sorry if it is.
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