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Originally Posted by Poison View Post
I completely agree with the idea of 'polyfuckery' being a derogatory term; even aesthetically I find it harsh.
Am I missing something? What is wrong with harsh and derogatory? It's a term that some use to describe a certain type of behaviour from those who use polyamory.

It's a term used by those who disagree with the term polyamory being used to find quick fucks that have no meaning other than fucking behind them. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but it has and continues to confuse those who are looking for a loving relationship, even a loving one night stand fuck.

When there are websites that use the term polyamory to promote something different... some people call that polyfuckery. Is it such a bad thing to have a word for that? I think it brings attention to a way of doing poly that is different from what other poly people do. Isn't that just as valid as polyfriendly, polyflexible, polyfi, polysexual... it's a specific term, just as the others can be if someone choices to use them... most people don't call themselves polyfuckers however... maybe they should? Embrace and empower themselves. Why not?
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