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Talking Hello!


I am not very new to the idea of being Poly, but I am new to practicing it.

Very recently, my husband and I added a boyfriend... Husband is straight... VERY straight. I am pretty sure he thought we'd be adding a woman if we ever did this, and while he is completely wonderful, I know he is a little disappointed at our lack of a girlfriend.

So yeah... I'm here for 2 things- To have like-minded people to talk to about all this, and to possibly meet a woman we 3 can find acceptable (and who likes us too ^_~ of course). I'm realistic here, I know I might not find the latter.

My Unicorn would have a great sense of humor, be a gamer-girl (specifically D&D), straight or bi, be good to my boys, and a friend to me, and fall in love with BF, NOT Husband... Possibly then turn into a swing/poly relationship.

Honestly, I'm not sure how tall that order is. I am also okay with somebody who just wants to have fun if they are responsible.

I have been lucky in love as of late. Both Husband and BF were "found" while I wasn't seeking either. My boys are shy, so I figured I should be their wing-man. KWIM?
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