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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
I agree with MBG. Personally I think that people who have dealt with alot of these issues(depression, anxiety, etc) prior to raising children are probably in a much better position than those of us who weren't used to dealing with these things prior to getting pregnant. Kids can bring forth so many emotions from one extreme to another.
So true.

Karma and I have done a lot of talking and a lot of researching over the years. I've spoken with people in my fibro support group, those who chose to ahve children and those who didn't. I've spoken with some of their children, who have said they felt that being raised by a parent with disabilities gave them an understanding they wouldn't have had otherwise.

My illnesses are my burden. I've never expected anyone to carry them for me. The only reason I let Karma help is because he's offered. But he is my partner, not my child. I will never expect them to share that weight.

I will educate them, and hopefully raise them to be understanding and accepting of those with limitations, but I will never do anything to purposely make them feel that it is their burden to carry.

The same goes with the depression,anxiety and OCD. My fears there were more the hormone change than other stuff. I'm on a great maintenance program and have a lot of support in place, should problems arise.

We are not entering into this lightly in any way.
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