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Originally Posted by FlameKat View Post

If your doctor is positive about the idea, and you have the absolute best support around you (you WILL need it) then by all means seriously consider it, there is nothing (to me) that compares to the feeling of having a little life growing inside you (instances of feeling like a parasite's host aside ) and there is NOTHING that compares to the moment of birth.

If your doctor is not keen on you taking the risk I would listen, and consider a surrogate (if biological children are really important to you and Karma) or adoption... it is possible to adopt a newborn (though I believe the waiting list is quite long and there can be severe disappointments if the birth mother changes her mind). I would also suggest you consider fostering... it can be heartbreaking when they return to their parents, but you will have made a positive change to a child's life, and shared your love with those who really need it.

Personally... I think I would opt for fostering, while in the queue to adopt...
I actually like the idea of a surrogate too. But that's not really in a man's power.
I think if my partner/s were ok with that, I'd love to take that road though. It's almost like adopting your own children.
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