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Smile greetings

New here and I just wrote a more-detailed intro in the Introductions forum but thought I'd add a note in this thread to say HEY.

I'm in a all-male triad here in NC. Been openly gay for 15 years but the poly thing is much more recent. My main observation is that we kinda have one foot in each community. (Or as I said in my intro, it's like you have to Come Out all over again!)
The local gay & lesbian clubs/organizations are all singles and couples...and many find our situation odd to say the least.
The local poly organization is nice and all, but we definitely felt different. I think it may be because it's all mixed-gender groups/triads/quads. Mostly a blend of bisexuals and heterosexuals....we were the only gays as far as I could see.
So I guess being gay and poly just kinda puts you into two different categories, that makes things kinda interesting for sure!
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