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Hello. Been reading for months but now I think I should join...seeing as now I think I've finally gotten enough experience in polyamory to know how to talk about it.

I'm "R" and in a MMM polyfidelitous triad with my partners M and C. (Thus my name, RfromRMC.) We have been together officially as a triad for about two years, though were in a V-style dating situation for a little before that.

At the time, I just thought M was greedy...didn't know about this polyamory thing much! But now our V-turned-triad is pretty stable and I think we're over the rocky period.

We live in a modest house in a moderate-sized city in North Carolina with our three dogs and a cat. It's crowded and for sure we're learning that polyamory isn't easy when there's a lack of space....but we're making the best of it!

The craziest thing about being both gay and poly is Coming Out a second time. Yikes. I think I saw a "Coming Out" thread, so I'll have to add my story there soon. Suffice to say: Most akward Christmas ever!

Look forward to talking to y'all more.
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