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Originally Posted by drgnsyr View Post
I have to second the rock analogy. My husband is my other half, my shelter from the storm, the one I can count on no matter what, who will ALWAYS be there. No matter how crazy and chaotic life gets, I can count on him to hold me and make me feel like it will all be alright. He would be this if we only had sex with each other, if we had weekly orgies, or if we never had sex at all. None of that affects the emotional support he offers.
I haven't really kept up with this thread, but this post was in my email box this morning and it caught my eye.

My boyfriend is my rock. He has been my rock emotionally for nearly 18 years. He's been a financial rock when I needed him-which admittedly wasn't often until he became a part of our household nearly 8 years ago. He's the one I know will always be there no matter what. It didn't matter when I married Maca, it won't matter if I have a dozen lovers, nothing will change the fact that he's there for me, in any way I need him-always.

I hope that someday Maca will manage to reach a point within himself that I can honestly say I believe that to be true of him as well. But so far, things have told me that emotionally he's "in and out" and not dependable. I don't doubt that he would be there financially for me and the kids no matter what. But I have yet to see that he's willing to push through anything to be there emotionally and personally.
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