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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I don't necessarily read the above as polyfuckery...

What about a poly triad who is still open to swinging? The three love each other, but are still open to having sex with others?

When does polyamory stop being "loving more than one" and become being open?

Or what about that poor single poly person who is open to having casual sex to find love. Or just likes casual sex while waiting for more people to love

All of it is polyamory. Poly is just loving more than one. How people like to bang around that doesn't make it less poly.
poly just means more than. I read the question as more sex with more partners. Sure Poly can means whatever a person wants, but to me polyamory means more loving relationships... anything outside of that is polyfuckery, polysexual.... etc. and sure a person can be all of these at the same time.
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