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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
..........In my view, a better mousetrap most often results from a testable theory.
Wellllllllll DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH <wink>

But your OP question about 'pushing against' didn't specify theorizing or engineering.

So which are you (theorist or builder) - or a combination ?

Because if you are only a theorist, you're going to have to sit back and see if someone else can build your mousetrap for you successfully. Until then it's just more 'talk' - which may catch some people's eye/head or not. All the talk in the world never constructed an outhouse.

We see this in action all around us all the time. People rail incessantly against everything - a lot of it justified. But not many are stepping up to the plate and building the working models of something better. And in the meantime many get tired of listening to all the noise and no action. What I'm recommending is you DON'T become one of those. Just do it. Build it and they will come.............


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