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Originally Posted by MindfulAgony View Post
................. And really wonder how to continue to push against patriarchy, gender roles, gender stereotypes, and homophobia...

What do you guys think?
Hey MA,

Idealism is a wonderful thing but it's a rare few that can keep focused on reality and not become swept away by the passion & glitter.

The best way to effectively 'push' against anything is to build the better mousetrap and let the facts speak for us. All the verbiage in the world, when backed up only by theory, does little good and soon fizzles. You can look at religion as an example of this. See what is has all amounted to in the long run. Some solid ideas, poorly thought out & implemented.

Do better - with all your 'causes'. Build a better WORKING model and put it on exhibition. Zip your lip and let the results speak louder for themself.

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