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Christmas went really well. The first time in a lot of years for me, emotionally any way.

I got what I wanted, a few surprises as well.

The two biggest gifts though? There was no arguing and stress over when to do Christmas dinner and what to eat for it. Usually my brother (Mom before that) insisted on a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I didn't want that. Breathes doesn't like turkey and it's one of those things I can live without although I don't have an aversion to it. Breathes' family dinner was Christmas day & since it was the first time his younger sister has been here for Christmas, children and husband in tow, in a lot of years he really wanted to go. We did a brunch with my family which turned out really well. Nobody came away totally stuffed and I was able to sit back, relax and visit since I did most of the cooking here in the couple of days before.

Breathes' family Christmas was good as well. A full house for Oma. She was super stressed as per normal, hadn't eaten all day naturally. I managed to get a piece of breakfast pizza, left over from our brunch, into her & some of us helped her finish up with fixing dinner hoping she would relax and just enjoy having everyone there. It didn't work in getting her stress levels down although I do believe she enjoyed having everyone there. It was the kids first experience with snow so they were overjoyed, lol. The food was good, company exceptional, my stress level was good so I count it as a win.

The other gift was a complete and total surprise! I did not plan it. My older son didn't give me attitude! He didn't complain about any of his presents (although I did hear "yes! No boxers this year!") He was watching the movie he got when we left for my dad's even. To top it all off he spent some of his own hard earned cash to get me a present! He put a little thought into it, bought it last minute but I'm really proud of him! He didn't have to be prodded and he didn't have to ask for the money to get it!

I am really longing for my alone time though *sigh*. There hasn't been much in the way of peace and quiet (my version means me, home, alone, with no sounds what so ever other than the bird chirping!). One or the other, or both, of my kids have been here every day. I wouldn't mind so much if the one who is here most often could learn that I do have a limit to jokes and puns and smart mouthiness! There is a time for fun and games and a time for more serious stuff. He's 15 now & we've been trying for a very long time to drum this in to his thick skull but he's just not getting it. I'm glad he likes to make people laugh but there IS a limit *sigh*. Getting him and Breathes in the same room virtually means that I have no hope at all of having a calm and peaceful evening. They are very much alike even though they are in no way related. In the typical male way he doesn't do subtle. Unfortunately he doesn't do blunt and to the point either. He takes absolutely everything as a joke & doesn't clue in to the fact that I'm serious until way past my breaking point.

Monday Possibility and I were supposed to get together but my son was here so he didn't come over. Yesterday was our regular date night, son was here again. Possibility came over and we watched disk 2 of The Lord of the Rings then went out because he just couldn't handle my son yesterday. We ended up at his place where we finally got some alone time for an hour or so. Ironic, really. His house is full with two primary partners, two kids, three cats and a dog. Everyone but us stayed upstairs & left us alone downstairs to watch an episode of Criminal Minds.

I got home, vented to Breathes for a few minutes then we went our separate ways for an hour or so so I could kill things online instead of taking it out on someone who in no way deserved my wrath. (A midol helped immensely as well.)
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