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Originally Posted by Today349 View Post
I'm thinking of taking the initiative of talking to both of them, in an effort to move in a positive honest direction, but am not sure if I am in total denial of reality, in utopian fantasy that I can simply address this complex subject like a rational adult and everyone will be happily agreeable, or what?
I'd appreciate any feedback.
Thank you all,
Hey Todd,

Well, I think you are at least attempting to take the high road - which is commendable.

Denial of reality etc - that depends soooooo much on the individuals (reality).
And it also depends on your own philosophical makeup.

What's more important to YOU ?
Embracing an alternative lifestyle on a philosophical basis - or just having something extra for you ?

Big question you need to answer honestly

Because the answer to that will kind of guide your steps forward.

Some people enjoy and are capable of actually enjoying studying and building different (and better) models of living. It goes beyond all the love/sex talk even. They are only 1 part of the equation.

What are your friends/lovers personalities ? What is yours ?

Are you all into 'building' or just 'living' ?

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