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I agree that I would not think moving them in as equals would be a good idea straight away. But living together in general, I don't see as much of a problem. I'd let them move in to start, just because of the cheaper bills for me. [not that I actually have any right now]... But then begin really moving forward on the relationship from there. Knowing someone long distance is certainly different to having them live with you, so you have to start learning these new things about your partner. But I think it is easier and a lot faster to learn those things straight in, rather than having them live over the road or at the other side of the city or something. It's more like a midpoint between long distance and living together. You'll see them slightly more [depending exactly how much closer they live], but you're not getting the whole experience.

I also want to end up living with my partner/s forever. I feel it is important. There's a good feeling I get when I know I'm coming home to someone I love, rather than my family.
But I know there are people who love to be independant and have their own place they handle on their own. I wouldn't argue with it. But I'd never get the same closeness as if they lived with me.
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