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Originally Posted by Lucidius View Post
How is love a bad thing? How is building healthy relationships with friends and lovers, spreading joy and creative vibes, a bad thing? Why does one lover mean the exclusion of another? Why are people so insecure and selfish in love? Why do people thing poly means having loads of meaningless sex with people who don't care about you that you'll forget the next day?
I've dealt with plenty of mono people that act like this.

Our time is finite, so time you spend with someone else other than her is taking time away from her. That is logical isn't it? She could see you going on a date with this other person as time you could have spent going on a date with her instead. Is it her being selfish or you being selfish? It's quite subjective really. One could ask why you don't want to spend every minute you have with her, and you answer would be something along the lines of "that's who I am" as if that is a logical answer that would convince anyone of your lifestyle.

Most mono women don't want to be in open relationships themselves and hence they won't be spending THEIR time romantically with others to balance the time you do. So if you want to convert them your best chance is a closed poly relationship and having them involved in it. More mono people are accepting of this in my experience, though it's still quite low as a percentage, maybe 15-25%. Given her past she would likely be one of them, you just have to frame it right and get her involved in the decisions. Good luck.
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